Alina Moves To College

…and planned to write this post the night I moved in. Then I forgot, and then I got really busy, and then I started making excuses in the first line of this post.

So, I have moved to college! I now live in a dorm with a roommate and go to fancy college classes and stress about those classes a lot!

scared-kitten-shutterstock_191443322College is really weird. Classes are less frequent and grades are not updated nearly as often as they were in high school, which makes me a little uncomfortable–call me a perfectionist, but if I don’t know my grades exactly and with constant updates, I will assume that I’m failing, and I will stress about it.

So while I’m academically scrambling to make sure my professors are happy with me, I haven’t really been writing much–I finished the first draft of the extended version of the story I wrote at Alpha, and now it’s sitting in its own constantly-open Scrivener project, staring at me, judging me for not scraping up the energy to revise. Also, I’ve started writing a short story about a witch hunt on the first spaceship attempting to colonize Mars. I have maybe half a scene done, out of ten total. I want to have both of these done by the end of September (cue soft, distant screams). I haven’t actually figured out anything as formal as a writing schedule yet, but I desperately want to. Part of the reason I haven’t done that is because I’ve managed to get myself a part-time job, which is actually pretty nice. I enjoy it. Also, people need money, and I am a person, therefore, I work.

Anyway, college is weird and sometimes fun and sometimes scary, and also I got a job, and also I need to figure out when I’m going to write because that’s important, and also not forget to do important things like exercising (nooooo) and getting basic things from grocery stores.

If this is adulting, then adulting is hard and I’m bad at it, but I’m also going to give myself a free pass to get better because I’ve been doing this training-wheels college version of it for less than a month.



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