This is so profoundly not fine.

Twitter has been an interesting and infuriating space lately. I’ve unfollowed a lot of people.

Mostly, people who retweet articles about the election’s aftermath that involve the concept of “making peace with the results of the election.” Mostly, friends of mine who retweet that “this is fine” dog-in-the-burning-house meme, the old version that doesn’t result in the dog freaking out and trying to fix it. That meme is no longer funny. There is no peace to be made with the results of this election.

That meme is representative of a huge part of the problem, the mentality that got us here.

We treated that man as a joke (I refuse to say his name. I still cannot say his name.). We laughed. We posted and reposted and commented and tweeted that “this is fine” meme over and over and over again, every time he said something racist, sexist, queerphobic, downright abominable. And, I (don’t) hate to point this out, but very frequently I saw that it was fellow white people who did it–my friends who are not white were not laughing, but my fellow white people were. Hell, I did too, in the beginning. My anger now does not absolve me from past problematic behavior. We were all part of the problem. Many of us still are.

If you make light of this, even now, you are a huge part of the problem. We did not take enough action to stop him when it would have been much easier to do so. Hell, people voted for him as a joke when he never was. Laughing at him now, joking that “this is fine,” is complacency.

We cannot be complacent.

This is not fine. Stop, even sarcastically, acting like it is.


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